Laffitte Organics

Laffitte Organics


- Bold-flavored with a greenish-gold color.

- Flavor Profile: Intensely fruity.

- Aroma: Fresh with notes of herbs

- Suggested Uses: Dipping raw vegetables; salad dressings; uncooked sauces; swirling into soups and stews; drizzling over steamed vegetables

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Fresh, high-quality extra-virgin olive oil is the backbone of the Mediterranean diet. Few foods are as versatile, as healthy, or as useful to the home cook. Olive oil pairs well with vegetables, beans, bread, pizza, pasta, cheese, soup, salad, seafood, meat, poultry and even dessert. When choosing oil, the three most important pieces of information to look for on the label are the harvest date, olive cultivars, and the region from which it originates. Unlike many wine varieties, olive oil does not improve with age, so freshness is a key component to quality. In addition, different olives will have varying organoleptic properties (taste, color, aroma, feel, etc.), and knowing the cultivars of which the oil is composed is crucial. Our olives from which the oil in the bottle is produced come not only from Spain, but from our specific, localized region of Sierra Morena western ranges.


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